Friday, February 13, 2009

BSJ for a February Baby

I suppose in retrospect, I should have made a February sweater for a baby that will be born next Tuesday, but the readers voted for a Baby Surprise Jacket and who am I to argue?

Here you have it. Knit up in 4 days, give or take, in Socks that Rock Heavyweight. I think the yarn turned out to be a good choice. It is washable, soft and warm. It has a nice twist that makes the garter stitch look clean and simple.

The colour is Puck's Mischief. Everyone at my knitting get together last night agreed that it was a good baby colour, not too girly, just bright enough.

Now I'm off to see if Canada Post can get a package to Vancouver in a hurry. Wish me luck.


T. said...

It's lovely! ANd not too girly or boy-y.

Jill said...

Pretty little buttons you picked out.

Sarah said...

Hope it made it - it's a great yarn choice for a BSJ

J. said...

Package arrived yesterday. Baby should arrive today.

Hurray for Canada Post!