Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Coming up for air

Life has gotten the better of me the last few weeks. Nothing terrible, nothing bad. Just life. And to top it off, sicknesses of all sorts have ravaged our house. But we have survived like we always do, and mostly with smiles on our faces.

Given the challenge of the last little bit, I've lost my knitting mojo, making for rather dull knit-blogging. I think the main reason being that I have 2 projects on the needles that are in black yarn. Hate it. Love the projects hate the yarn.

So I've been entertaining myself with some plain old socks. However, these too have been a source of frustation. The colour of the first sock is completely different from the second. I'll still wear them and they'll look lovely, but it's just an annoyance. The first sock is nice though, right?


Sarah said...

Glad you're still smiling and that is a great sock :o)

Donna Lee said...

The pink is great! I have a greenish blue pair from the same skein that are two different colors. I wear them and they're beautiful but it bugs me just a little bit that they don't match.

J. said...

Just get over it. Your eyes are a million miles from your feet so just try not to look.

And nice mittens.

Amanda said...

Good that you are still hanging in there with a smile. The sock is great and didn't you know that wearing odd socks is very lucky ;)

catknip said...

Ah J. aren't supportive friends great?

Even though I agree with you about the color (per our previous discussion) I still have to say they are quite rockin'.

It's nice of you to admit to having lost a little knitting mojo as I feel the same way.