Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baby Rose

Le Tour is complete and with that, so is my baby shawl.

It has a rose petal pattern for the body that I found in my Harmony Guides (do you have them? you should).

My favorite part is the small little leaves that accompany the little pink rose bud.

This is definitely not a sleeping binkie...but more of a keepsake.

I hope my little niece enjoys this for years to come.


Amanda said...

Oh that one is definitely a keeper. Beautiful, beautiful work.

J. said...

I love it. The garter stitch edge is simple and elegant and the rose is do sweet.

Sarah said...

Oh what a beautiful piece - you must be really pleased with that and one day your niece will appreciate it :o)

Metta said...

The blanket for your little niece is lovely. She must be a very lucky girl.