Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Rogue Knitter Manifesto

There is a group of us that have found we have a lot in common, not just our love of knitting, food and drink. We have come to call ourselves Rogue Knitters, and I am here to propose our Manifesto:

We believe in variety, and notably, not being held down to one particular spot. Therefore we shall always change our location and the day of the week on which we meet. This also helps us to not get caught by other knitting groups.

We believe in NO JUDGEMENT when it comes to choice of knitting project, food or beer (however we may judge you if you do not love all of those things).

We offer no knitterly advice unless explicitly sought out. Nothing is worse than pulling out your newly finished garment to only have the knitting group how you can make it “better”.

We believe that wool is awesome, silk is beautiful and more is better.

We believe in wearing sashes in public while knitting and drinking beer on Saturday afternoons.

We believe that we are stronger knitters together than we are apart – and because of this we believe in group efforts in terms of projects and yarn orders.

We believe in laughing so hard that you start to cry. And we do this often.


Amanda said...

Now that sounds so good - I'm jealous!

J. said...

I love a good manifesto. Now all we need is a secret hanshake and magic decoder rings.

Luch said...

Great manifesto!

Sarah said...

Will you start writing in code soon?

T. said...

Amanda and Sarah - you can be part of the RKs from abroad....if we start writing in code, we'll let you know!

Amanda said...

Great! I'm in!

Anonymous said...

This made me grin.

andi said...

How did I miss this? LOVE IT! So very perfect. So proud and happy to be a part of the RK.