Sunday, July 26, 2009

Support the Harlot

We don't like to get into politics over here at Baad Medicine Industries and we don't like to ruffle feathers (both J. and I are HUGE conflict avoiders).

However, I need to make an exception here - there is some nasty stuff going on the Internet right now - to our hero the Yarn Harlot. I would just like to give her a little show of support from our piece of the 'net.

Baad Medicine loves their Harlot!!


J. said...

Testify, T, testify. I'm not sure how I would have handled the kind of bullying that she has experienced. I'm sure I would not have displayed the grace that she has.

Head up, Harlot. And thanks for being an example for the rest of us.

Amanda said...

I went over to check it out. It must be so difficult dealing with a loony like that. I would definitely loose my cool.

Metta said...

Like Amanda I checked out the blog. I couldn´t believe what I read to be true. How can anyone be so cruel?? I am glad she got so many (more than 2000) supporting comments.

Sarah said...

Missed all this - poor Yarn Harlot - isn't it sad what some people do.