Monday, March 22, 2010

Time to Cut

I'm prepared to steek the Beast. It is all done but the cutting. And a little bit more knitting.

I can't do it yet. I'm not mentally prepared yet.

I think I will undertake it on the weekend. It's not a "weekday" activity as it were.

Wish me luck.

And send scotch.


catknip said...

Inhale-exhale. Take a shot and do it. Good luck. I believe!

Amanda said...

I would need someone to hold my hand. I haven't yet had the courage to try steeking.

Sarah said...

Having trouble with the comments today - maybe it's the loads of luck and scotch I'm trying to attach :)

J. said...

I have learned from experience that you will need a support system and camera crew. I offer my services and a bottle of red.

Sarah said...

Oh and while you might want some special socks for luck - nothing but nothing will pry these from my feet (well maybe for the shower but you know what I mean!) Eyes off!