Friday, March 5, 2010

A Sweater.

Yesterday when I read the Yarn Harlot's newest post, I felt a little disappointed in myself. I don't cherish or covet any of my sweaters enough to wear it multiple times a week, let alone being my "go to" piece of wardrobe.

I LOVE the sweaters I make. I love them so much I feel like I need to save them. Save them for something special. Or when I know other people will see them. Or when I'm going to a knitting event. I keep them specially folded in my closet for special occasions (which truly are few and far between at my house).

This is not a well thought out plan.

I should cherish them by wearing them. Wearing them as much as I can (factoring in my intense vanity that does not allow me to wear the same thing two days in arow). And not wearing them just to show them off.

This morning I pulled out a sweater. And I wore it for no particular reason other than to wear it. I'm doing the same thing tomorrow. And the next day.

I'm going to cherish them. And cherish wearing them. That's why I made them.


J. said...


By the way, you looked lovely in your sweater.

Amanda said...

Good for you! And that is a gorgeous sweater. I brought mine along to Perth for "just in case" but the weather was never cool enough!

Sarah said...

Definitely a good philosophy - I need to get to the loving what I've made stage first more often though :)