Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Knitting hasn't been meeting my needs lately. I haven't thought much about it, haven't been scanning Ravelry, and just haven't been knitting. I think it's lots of things - the move, the new lifestyle, the new schedule. I haven't been able to effectively fit the knitting in, and haven't really made it a priority.

I had a little chat with J. the other day and that seemed to help the spark a little bit. Then yesterday I came home, and I went to the stash. I just looked. And moved it around. And put matching colours together. And smelled it. And tried to see what called my name (well, it all did, but what called it the loudest).

I pulled out a couple skeins. One new and one that has been lingering around. They screamed the loudest. I wound them up and have cast on something new. I want to knit it. It is sitting there right now, and rather than chatting with someone from home online, I want to knit. I want to knit rather than falling asleep (again) on the couch. It feels good.

It almost makes it feel like home.


Sarah said...

Yay - knitting is indeed home - enjoy it

Amanda said...

Knitting is settling and very good at keeping one awake on the couch!