Thursday, February 3, 2011

Epic Fail

So, I'm knitting socks.

These ones.

As part of a knit-a-long no less.

First sock - done. BUT.....doesn't fit. Too tight in the arch.

Second sock - just turned the heel and


I missed stupid gosh-darned Chart G. VITAL Chart G that is. Chart G that sets up the foot.

SO - frog back to where Chart G should be?
Or, frog both (as the first doesn't fit anyway) and start anew?
Or, another option??


J. said...

Any chance they'll fit someone else? You could gift them. Or frog them both and knit something else for s while? Be kind to yourself. It's just a pair of socks.

Lauren said...

I had to frog mine and restart because I somehow messed up. These socks require perfect concentration!

Amanda said...

Oh no what a pain! Gift them or frog both.