Thursday, February 10, 2011

KAL-ing Along

Miss J. has been excellent at showing off her beautiful new socks as part of the Knit. Sock. Love. KAL on Ravelry. Amazing stuff.

I have been remiss. I too am part of the KAL, however have hit a few road blocks along the way. My first pair of socks, the Pointelles, are back on track though, I'm happy to say. I took the advice you all left, and decided to rip back the 2nd sock, and reknit Chart G. The first sock is lovely - just too small for me. So I figure I have a couple options (1) block them or (2) give them to my almost 11- year old niece who has size 10 feet. If they don't fit her now, they'll certainly fit her soon enough.

In the mean time I also started my February / March socks and have cast on some Marilinda's. I'm not sure if I have enough yarn to make them big enough for me, but that's ok. If they're not, I'll save them for Christmas.

Maybe the March / April socks will be mine.

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J. said...

I think you should block the Pointelles and if they fit you, keep them. If not, give them away.

The Marilindas sure do suck up the yarn, but I find that once you get to the foot, they go faster and don't use as much yarn because half of the sock is stocking stitch.

Good luck!