Saturday, January 12, 2008

And the Peasants Rejoiced...

..for lo, it is my birthday. I present to you....

...Birthday Socks!

Now, let us eat cake!


Jill said...

Sexy socks!! What yarn is that?? Happy Birthday!!! January babies are the best!!!

Amanda said...

Happy birthday! Great socks.

J. said...


I used Handmaiden Casbah in Paris. It's my favorite. I love that the colors are set off by the golden bits.

catknip said...

Happy Bday girl! I toast you.

Anonymous said...

I missed your birthday? Happy belated birthday! Those socks are beautiful.


Metta said...

Love the birthday socks.
Happy Birthday! a little late.

You can add another pair of socks "Fools Rush Socks" to my Tally.

T. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - I hope you had a FABULOUS day!

Luch said...

Happy Birthday!

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