Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Path Less Taken

I've been knitting socks. I know. It's so unexpected.

The thing is that I usually have a larger project on the go, like a sweater or some lacy fluff, and a sock on the side. Socks are like my knitting affairs. I'm really a very monogomous person, but sometimes you need something you can work on in the car, at lunch with a friend, at Stitch and Bitch. Lately, though, I have only been knitting socks.

This departure may have stemmed from certain deadlines (like Christmas and birthdays. Happy Birthday, D.) and a lack of interest in other projects. There are many things I'd like to knit and my Ravelry queue is rather lengthy. I just can't really settle on anything else at the moment and I have a ton (and I mean a metric ton. They're bigger, you know.) of sock yarn in my stash. This combined with an infatuation and I seem to be knitting socks as primetime projects. And I think I like it.

I had a fleeting thought today that it might be fun to knit all eight of Cat's new pathways. There's nothing like trying something new to kick start your creativity. I've already finished some Jeweled Steps, which are Sidestream architecture...

and I'm working on sock #2 of the Tantalizing Socks in Sky architecture.

I'm enjoying the challenge of knitting socks, something I feel quite comfortable with, in a new way. The mental exercise is unfamiliar but welcome. And if I keep this up, my stash will shrink and I will be able to buy more yarn, guilt free.

Change is good.


Anonymous said...

Change is good - and those socks are adorable.


T. said...

It's always good to challenge yourself - can't wait to see your new sockies!

catknip said...

I love socks too.