Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow day

A snow day is something as a kid you wish for; you dream of those beautiful words. It's a good excuse to stay at home and not do much more than watch crappy daytime television. Your parents still have to go to work, but you get left at home. Snow day. Heaven to a 12-year old.

I wish today was a snow day. I wish my employer would say "Hey, what a crap-tacular day out there. Don't risk your life, just stay at home." It is currently -30C (although with the wind chill it's sitting somewhere around -43C). That is freaking cold. There is no reason to go outside. I have piles of work to do, but really, it could wait one more day.

I could stay at home, cover up with my blankie, pull out my knitting and drink tea.

Unfortunately, as an adult, there is no snow day. And work still waits for me. And kids need to be chauffered. And supper needs to be made. And walks need to be shovelled. All those "responsibilities".

But I assure you, after supper is finished, baths are given and kids are tucked in, there will be snow day activities going on at my house. I plan on sitting on my couch, watching some sketchy programming and knitting. The benefits of an adult snow day are that wine can be involved....


Amanda said...

I like the cold weather but that's too cold for me. I'd have to go into hibernation!

J. said...

Testify, Sister T., testify!

I'll be watching the same crappy programming.

Metta said...

Usually we have very cold winters where I live in Sweden, but this winter is very different. Hardly any snow och today we have + 8,5 degrees.

My "Blueberry Waffle Socks" are ready, so please add another pair to my tally.

J. said...

Nice job, Metta! Keep on knitting those socks!

catknip said...

Blueberry Waffle socks? I've got to check those out.

Yes life doesn't quit for adults. The wine is a bonus though.

Luch said...

I also got sucked into the crappy program. I said to my Ben "I'm not watching that crap" and then I went "ooo, he fell down, he sucks!" and all was lost.
(speaking of LOST...anyone else a fan?)

Anonymous said...

To hel* with a snow day, I need me a snow week over here.