Saturday, May 3, 2008


I'm still in a little shock about it, but I've officially registered for the Make 1 Yarn Studio Fall Retreat. Yes, it's true. I don't want to think about it too much for the fear of becoming too excited 6 months from when it is. And I have this ridiculous fear that the Harlot will back out, and I'll be disappointed. Because the other teachers that would be there, you know, wouldn't be a draw in and of themselves (seriously, all of them in one place?). It just doesn't feel true that I'm going. But I am.

My office-mate Catknip, my former class-mate lcbrown and her future SIL are going with me. We'll bring wine (in celebration of lcbrown's nuptials...she's getting married the WEEK before), we'll bring knitting, we'll bring books to be signed. Unfortunately the one thing we have to leave behind is J. She'll be attending to a rather small newborn (1 month old...).

The one thing I'm grappling with is the fact that the day I get home is Punky's 5th birthday. Catknip assures me she can drive like a madwoman so we get home in good time (it's her birthday that day as well...). And we'll likely have his birthday party on Nov 11th as it's a holiday. But you know, maternal guilt and all (does it EVER go away).

In the meantime I'm going to knit an awesome cardigan to wear to the retreat. Whaddya think?


SarahJanet said...

Oh my god, SO JEALOUS. November is a lousy time for me so there's no way I could go, plus I'm going to San Francisco four days later. But I nearly cried when I was at Make 1 last week and saw that.

I'm sending my books to get signed!

Lauren said...

I really love the Tilted Duster, and think it will look fabulous on you for the fabulous Retreat! i'm working on Cookie socks to wear to Cookie's session.

I'm so excited for many reasons to drink wine and celebrate and knit!

J. said...

The tilted duster is going to be fabulous! (Am I to understand you've ordered the yarn?)

I'm also sending books to be signed. (Thanks for the idea, SJ.)

Luch said...

I agree with SJ, I am So Jealous! (hey, that's initials "SJ" too...funny) I was just re-reading the retreat info and wishing I could go. Sounds like awesome teachers and beautiful setting. You'll have an awesome time. =)

Metta said...

Today I got very excited when I opened the mailbox and found the parcel from you. I think that was very quick.

Thank you so much for the lovely yarn you sent me. I haven´t knitted with Japanese yarn yet and I am looking forward using it for one of my next sock projects.

I will make an English translation on my blog today just for you.

andi said...

Love the cardigan - so different.

And I'm totally happy for you about the retreat. Not jealous at all. Heh.