Tuesday, September 23, 2008


That's about all I can muster up to say about these socks. They are DONE.

They are being added to the Christmas Cumulus, and will be given away with love to someone who will appreciate them far more than I can.

I feel better about these socks when I put them next to these lovely flowers our family received to brighten our last few gloomy weeks.

Thanks Catknip.


catknip said...

You're most welcome! I applaud your sock fortitude with the last pattern - they are beauties.

J. said...

The socks look lovely. I'm sure you're very glad they are done in time for the next kit to come sometime this week.

Amanda said...

I love your socks! But I know how you feel when you knit something and you are not crazy about the colour. Think of the pleasure you have given the rest of us by giving us a chance to drool over them.

Devorah said...

Those are really cool socks!

Metta said...

Your socks look really lovely.