Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Say What? T. actually finished something???

That's right - she did.

Two things actually.

Crazy, I know.

First, I finished the Hanameeee. That's my made up word for Hanami for me. At least originally it was going to be for me, but now I don't know. I don't love it. It's lovely, but I'm not sure. It may go in the Christmas pile. I should make that sound a bit nicer. Pile implies, well other things. Let's call it the Christmas Cumulus.

It still needs a bath and some stretching, but I am awaiting some blocking wires to help in that endeavour.

Second up, the Bainbridge scarf.

Another thing to put in the Christmas Cumulus. This little number took 2 short nights of knitting and is quite warm and fuzzy. I can think of a couple people I know who would appreciate this one.

Things are flying off the needles here at Baad Medicine. Watch out for flying wool.


Sarah said...

Coo the Christmas cumulus is doing very well. Lovely things :o)

J. said...

You're so fickle.

Suzanne said...

Can't wait to see Hanami blocked.

The scarf looks cool. I have printed off the pattern and am going to look for some yarn for it.

Amanda said...

Oh well done! You might well feel differently about your Hanami once its blocked. It look great in white.

Spinning Ninny said...

oooo - i love the bainbridge scarf. that yarn looks delightful!