Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mama, you knit me a sweater?

The Princess has been as patient as a two year old can be lately. She's had to watch me knit baby sweaters, baby hats, socks for Dad, sweaters for Mom. At last, there is something that she can model for her adoring public.

This is the Drive-Thru sweater. It is a terrific pattern and a really fun knit. I usually shy away from colour work because it freaks me out a little and you know that I don't deal well with change.

The body of this sweater goes very quickly and the yoke keeps things interesting with the colour changes. I understand that the pattern is based on EZ's percentage system which just goes to show how brilliant that lady was.

I made this sweater out of Cotton Fleece which is soft and has a nice drape to it. It isn't as heavy as 100% cotton and I think I'll be using it again if I can find it. It would seem that our local LYS's don't carry Brown Sheep products. May I suggest to you local LYS types that this line of yarn would be welcomed by the local knitting community?


T. said...

STill love those buttons.

Emily said...

Looks great!