Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friends who Knit

I love knitting. It reminds me of who I am and in this unsettled time where I'm trying to find out what my new normal is, I find that knitting gives me a piece of calm.

Luckily, knitting has brought some like minded people into my life. Andi, Jill and Catknip were kind enough to meet me for coffee this last week. They even cuddled my kid and said nice things to me so I could eat chocolate cake and knit. This may seem like small potatoes but when you've been hanging around the house, wondering how you'll manage to feed a baby, entertain a toddler and maybe have a shower on a somewhat regular basis, it's good to know you have friends. And it's comforting to know that people still think about you and maybe even miss you.

It may take some time, but I'll be back with FOs to show you and stash to flash. I don't want to let my friends down.


T. said...

Friends who knit are the best kind. I got you, right?

catknip said...

I'll hold your baby and eat cake and knit with you any time!

andi said...

What catnip said. We love you and of course we miss you. It's always great to see you (and if we happen to squeeze in some eating, drinking, and baby cuddling while visiting, that's a bonus, too).

You all saved me from going completely insane after Arlo was born. I'm happy to return the favor.