Thursday, October 2, 2008

In which all is made well

Don't be scared. It all turns out right in the end. See?

It's not easy to knit other projects when you know you have a sweater that just underwent major surgery. When I got home from the massacre, I sat down to finish the edging.

Before all this cutting and sweing nonsense started, I used some yarn in a contrasting colour to mark some important stitches. One line of running stitch marked where we would be cutting. Two more lines marked where I would pick up the stitches for the buttonbands on either side of the steek.

I attacked the buttonhole side first, picking up stitches along the marked line. I used the ole pick up 3 stitches for every 4 rows and that seemed to work nicely.

A little 2 x 2 rib and some buttonhole magic and I was almost done that side. All that was left was to sew done the cut edge. T. and I attended a workshop with Lucy Neatby a year ago and she cut a sweater before our unbelieving eyes. Then she used a simple blanket stitch to sew down the edge. Now, I'm no former Sailor who knows a whole lot about knitting, but I figured if Lucy could do it, without batting an eyelash, then maybe I could do it.

And I think it turned out quite well. All that remained was to repeat all this business on the other side and I was mostly done. A bath, some blocking and buttons and I have a lovely new sweater.

I did make some mods early on by making 3/4 length sleeves which I prefer. I cast on 60 stitches, worked the twisted rib on these and then adjusted the sleeve length to match a couple of other 3/4 length sleeves that I like from other sweaters.

Overall, I think I will love this sweater but it's hard to know how well it will fit given my advanced stage of pregnancy. Hopefully I'll be able to model it for you soon. In the meantime, think happy thoughts and let's hope this little knitter in training hurries up.


Luch said...

Sweater looks great...happy thoughts for you and the knitter in training!

T. said...

Lovely!! Can't wait to see it and the buttons are perfect. Good choice.

And to little knitter - go towards the light....

Amanda said...

I'm so impressed I'm speechless.

catknip said...

It's my favorite so far.