Sunday, October 5, 2008

I got nothin'....

I know you're all waiting for a post to say "Hey, the baby is here!" No one more, I'm sure, than my partner in crime.

But I got nothin' to tell ya.

So instead I'll woo you with pretty pictures of something I finished a while ago, and was just blocked last week with my newly purchased blocking wires (which are heaven....).

My Hanami v. 2.0.

Now, last I talked about this baby, I said that I was going to throw it in the Christmas Cumulus.

I've changed my mind.

It's mine, all mine.

And in another attempt to woo you, I'll show you my first completed sock for the September STR shipment. Spoiler Alert!!

The colour way is called Tidal Pooling and is my favourite so far.

Did it work? Did I divert your attention? I'm sure I didn't, but it was a worthy try, right?

(and we're all sending good thoughts to the baby......go towards the light baby....gooooo....)


Amanda said...

Sounds like its going to be a well baked baby. And besides, October is the best month to be born (I speak from experience;) ) Love the shawl and the socks. The Hanami looks fabulous in white.

J. said...

I'm glad you have fallen in love with the Hanami. I knew it would win you over in the fullness of time.

I've started lifting heavy objects in an effort to induce labour. It's not working. And no, I don't want to talk about your preferred method, thanks anyway.

Metta said...

Your Hanami looks gorgeous. I loved that pattern and the KAL, where I got to know you and became your friend.

Anxiously awaiting news about the baby. Love Metta