Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Acceptance of Facts

Fact #1: My Greengable Hoodie will not be done for the Fall Fiber Arts Retreat.
I have hit a few road blocks including needle issues (don't ask) and screwed up cables (don't ask) requiring frogging. I really wanted to have it done, but unless I don't sleep, don't eat and don't play with my kids for the next 10 days, I am NOT getting this baby done. I'm sorely disappointed.

Fact #2: I will not have Princess Leia ears for Halloween.
I was winging this baby, and given that I used no math or measurements or pattern or anything, shockingly, they haven't worked out. I have wasted precious time on something that will not come to be; this is the most frustrating part to me. My knitting time is limited, obviously. When I waste time on something that will never be, I am pissed. I can't get that time back for another project. But it wasn't working and sometimes there is no point in forcing the issue.

Fact #3: My husband rocks.
This isn't really hard to accept as fact, because, well, I did marry him. But, I do like to complain about him sometimes - his absent-mindedness, his inability to know what's going on when, and his general un-organizedness (is that a word?). But really, I got it good. He is ready for his 4 day abandonment while I got to the retreat. He takes it in stride. Hockey with 2 small kids and no extra help, no worries. Birthday preps, bring it on (in an itemized list from his wife of course). Everyone always says "What will he do while you're gone? What about this, that or the other thing?". He just takes it as it comes. Oh, I'll still worry about everything while I'm gone, but I know he won't. Guess that's why we're a team.

Fact #4: I need no more yarn.
Ugh. I had accepting this fact. I think I'm going to make some hard rules about yarn accrual in the new year. I need no yarn. None. I could happily knit what I have right now and be good for a long time (and by long time, I mean up till retirement). And it's not that I have a ridiculous amount or anything, but I just don't go through it that quickly. I need to accept this fact. It's the hardest one by far.


catknip said...

As I always say - need has nothing to do with it!

J. said...

You know, I don't think you have that much yarn. Besides, there's a couple of sales coming up...

catknip said...

Thank you J!

Sarah said...

If you've accepted the first 3 you can deny number 4 for sure :o)

Amanda said...

Number 4 pops its ugly head up regularly for me but then I walk into a new yarn store like I did yesterday and well,.... I'm keeping the economy turning shall we say?