Thursday, March 19, 2009

In Which Progress is Made

I started a sweater for myself recently. I have had this yarn for a while now and I've been meaning to cast on but it's a summery little number with lots of lace so it didn't seem appropriate knitting for the dark winter months. The sun is coming back, though, and I'm hopeful that all this snow will melt soon. (Perhaps I am slightly unrealistic.)

The Apres Surf sweater is quite a cute little sweater. It is lightweight and will be perfect for wearing to the park or for going out in the evening. I'm using Louet Gems fingering in a lovely lilac colour. The lace is easy to remember and I've already finished the back and a portion of the front.

The thing is that it's fingering weight. Every row is over 100 stitches, give or take. That's a lot of knitting. This sweater is an exercise in patience. Slowly, slowly progress is made but it takes time. After knitting for an hour, the piece looks no bigger than when I sat down but I have faith that one day, it will be a sweater.

Sisters are like that. One day you bring a little blob home and your Princess doesn't know what to make of it. The baby doesn't do much. You can't play with it. It doesn't even watch you when you are looking for an audience. But slowly, slowly, that blob starts to sleep less. It rolls over. It starts to watch you dance across the room. The baby smiles. And then it laughs.

I have faith that one day, they will really be sisters. And friends.


T. said...

Sweaters cute.
Girls are cuter.

Amanda said...

I bought the yarn for that sweater quite some time ago. I'm waiting for its calling to become a little bit stronger. Gorgeous girls.

Jill said...

Yeah. What T said.

I had a lot of fun the other night. Thanks guys!

Luch said...

Love that picture of the girls! That looks like so much fun! Sweater looks great too. Look forward to seeing the FO someday!