Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In preparation

As you can tell from our last few posts, we here at Baad Medicine Inc. are anxiously awaiting the arrival of better weather. It is currently 0.1 degree Celsius (that's 32 degrees Fahrenheit). The snow that fell yesterday is gone, but it is anticipated we'll get some more today. I'm trying not to complain, just stating the facts.

Having said all that, summer will arrive. At some point.

In preparation for that, I completed my first summer knitting project.

It's a February Lady Sweater a la Teri. I added a button flap as I wanted it just nice and swingy for summer.

The button is from Robin (same place J. got hers....).

The forecast is hopeful for the weekend and so am I.


Sarah said...

Oh this is awesome - love your mods. If it doesn't bring you some better weather there's no justice in this world!

J. said...

I'm so glad it turned out! Just in time for the sun. I hope.

J. said...
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Anonymous said...

That is super cute.

Amanda said...

Very nice. We are currently experiecing fantastic sunny autumn weather - but to tell the truth I would much rather it were raining.

Anonymous said...

2 pairs of socks completed!

772yds out

1179 yds in