Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Answer

How many pairs of little girls socks can be made froma skein of Tofutsies?


Ask me how I know.

Now that I have used up that yarn that has been lurking in the stash for far too long, I am moving on to the latest STR kit.

I'm reserving judgement on this one. The colour is alright. The pattern is fine. I think I'll need to see it on my foot to know if I like it or not. And I need to knit these up quickly because the Edmonton Knitter's Lace-a-long is starting next week and I know I'll be itching to start once we get the first clue.


Irene said...

those look like so so tiny socks for little girl feet
Cheers irene

Anonymous said...

Pretty little girl socks.

I just added up yarn from my last 3 trips *drumroll please* 4063 yds.

I can't remember if I subtracted my last 2 sweaters worth, so here they are just in case:

1528.8 out

T. said...

Wow - 4 you say! \thank goodness you are done that yarn.