Monday, May 25, 2009


My week is mainly going to be composed of getting ready for a work-trip and spending as much time as possible with the boys before I go away. I'm only gone for 5 days, but I know (as much as I complain about them at times) I will miss them all terribly.

So what does a knitter do to get ready for a trip?

Find out where the yarn stores are of course.

I've enquired with the appropriate group on Ravelry and received some PMs as well regarding the different stores. I have a tentative plan for seeing what I can.

The next thing a knitter needs to knitting. I actually have no idea what to bring. I'd like to finish my Kai-Mei socks, but I'd also like a really simple and easy to transport project. I will be stash-diving tonight to look at my options.

For now, back to the lists. Lists for packing, lists of meals I've prepared for the family, lists of reminders for my Love regarding all child-related activities (he would argue that he needs no lists....). I always feel more prepared once I've made a list.

What am I forgetting?


Amanda said...

Snap! I'm checking out travel projects at the moment too.

Metta said...

First of all I really hope the weather is better. Here we have an early summer with around +20 C. Not bad.

I hope you will have a nice work-trip, especially when it includes yarn shopping. Can understand you will miss your family.

Wow,Sylvi, what a project! Hope you find the right yarn.

Sorry, I haven´t posted comments for such a long time. Lack of energy, but I feel a little better now.

J. said...

I think you're covered. Perhaps an Ishbel for travelling? Straight forward and packs small. I know you've made 2 already but you could stock up for Christmas.

Sarah said...

Sounds like you've got the important things covered, hope it's a good trip - looking forward to seeing your yarn 'souvenirs'

andi said...

You're forgetting to relax and have FUN! Put it on your list. :)