Thursday, June 4, 2009

Your guess is as good as mine

What do you think this is?

This yarn was plucked out of a bin of seconds and mill ends from the store LK Yarns in Halifax. The lovely ladies at this store go to visit the Fleece Artist studios about once a week and are lucky enough to often get a grab bag with goodies such as this. The only catch - many times they have no idea what it is. They don't know the weight, the fiber, nothing.
So during my lengthy visit at the store, I would pull out a skein (while sitting on a stool the owner had provided me with - she must have known by my look that I would be there a while) and touch it, turn it over, look at the plies and try and guess what it was. Then I would ask the ladies what they thought it was. They were pretty darned good at knowing (or thinking they knew) what each skein was. Except for the one above. They admitted that after much pondering they still have no idea what it might be. Their conclusion - a heavy weight Casbah. It's softer than a merino (can you imagine?) and more tightly wound than a lot of their 100% wools. But really, it's all a guess.
To me - that was the best part of the store. The pulling out of these gems (and there were so many of them I can't even explain) from a box or a bin and trying to guess what it was. Then getting input from the 2 wonderful ladies working there. It was truly was one the best LYS experiences I have had - and more because of the interaction with the ladies at the store, than the yarn itself.
When in Halifax - go to LK Yarns. You will not be disappointed. And when you're done...there is a gorgeous patisserie down the street that makes a mean Lemon Square.

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J. said...

Colour me green with envy. I have some Casbah you can compare it to if you like.

Anything for me?