Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Adventures of a Knitting Hussy

I am a monogamous person. Really. I have been married to the same person for almost 9 years. Infidelity bothers me. I can't even have a little crush on celebrities who have cheated on their mates.

So how did I get to be such a two timing knitter?

My usual knitting includes a sock which can be carried around for intermittent knitting and some larger and possibly but not always more complex project for at home knitting. At the moment, I have three projects on the needles. None of them are socks. All of them are for me.

I started the Edmonton Knitters lace a long. The first clue was tantalizing but brief and I now have to wait until next Saturday for the next clue. Fortunately for me, ThatLoganChick has started a Winter Woolie a long for the off weeks. Now I have the beginning of a cowl to keep me occupied while I wait for more lace.

However, the first clue on the cowl didn't take me very long, either. I am therefore knitting the Delphine in Knitpicks Simply Cotton. I am really enjoying this yarn. It is soft with a lovely drape. I can knit this sweater with 4 skeins which means the whole thing costs under $15 Canadian, including shipping and handling. Speaking of handling, my fellow knitters decided over beer and public knitting that this yarn does not feel like cotton. In fact, it was fondled and caressed in a way that is usually reserved for finer fibres.

I may seek counselling to deal with my issue. On the hand, this may be the new norm....


T. said...

Tread carefully....it's a slippery slope.

Amanda said...

Been there done that and believe me there is no turning back!