Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Sometimes I am unsure if I like what I am knitting. This is usually the case when it comes to sock club kits. Maybe the yarn isn't quite within my colour comfort zone. The pattern might not be what I would usually select.

The May STR kit is a little like that for me. I didn't love it. I didn't hate it. I knit it just the same. Part of my reasoning for being in this sock club is to push myself and I think I've been doing that.

So needless to say, I was a little surprised to find that I like them. The colour and pattern somehow work better when I'm wearing them. Must be me.

P2 was also surprised.

And finally, I am delighted to say that the Edmonton Knitters Lace a Long has begun and I love the pattern so far.

Surprised again.


Luch said...

P2 is adorable...even when blurry! =)

Metta said...

Thank you for the comment on your blog. If you like, please make a comment to the post on my blog and you will participate in the raffle. The link is already there.

P2 is just lovely.

Sometimes as you say the socks look better on your feet, as these ones.

I am looking forward to seeing more of the Lace a Long.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Girl.

I haven't cast on yet, my Swallowtail is going too well.

1 pair of socks
-459 yards

T. said...

Love the colour of the shawl. Was P2 trying to eat the camera?