Sunday, June 14, 2009


A new cousin is here.

There are 2 very proud big cousins.

And an aunt and uncle who are honored to be her godparents. I've decided I should knit her a baby shawl for the baptism. Something with a "rose" theme.

I need help.....


Irene said...

You do not need help, you need time.
cheers irene

J. said...

Well hello, Cutie!

Roses, you say? The swallowtail is a lot of rosebuds. Could you use that lace pattern for a lacey blanket?

Metta said...

Congratulations Joline, you won the small dressing-case in my raffle. I will send it to you by mail, so could you please send me your home-address.

Love Metta

Metta said...

Yes, of course you can give the address on Ravelry or send an e-mail to and I will send you the dressing-case.
Love Metta

Sarah said...

What a teeny bundle of joy - good luck with the shawl!