Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dear Perth, Australia

I know that we don't know each other. In fact, we haven't met yet but I have a favour to ask of you. My good friend T is coming to stay with you. You'll know her because of her love of the colours orange and green, her Canadian accent and her passion for footwear. She is tall, but don't point that out to her. She already knows. She knits. She may sound like she is speaking slowly and will not be using many of your common abbreviations or slang. (We in Canada must like the sounds of our own voices as we tend to not abbreviate anything.) She also lacks a tan.

She is moving to your city for a few years. I hope you make her welcome. She is really an amazing friend. She is a good listener and will make you laugh with her dry sense of humour. She likes red wine and is an excellent cook. T may seem a little shy at first. It might take her some time to break out of her shell. Keep in mind that she is moving far from home and the people and places that she knows.

Please make her feel welcome and look after her. She is very special to me and I will miss her dearly. And remember, she is only on loan.




Amanda said...

I wish I were in Perth to help her along but I'm sure I will be visiting Perth again sometime. In the meantime a warm welcome in Melbourne exists if respite is needed!

J. said...

Oh, Amanda, I love Melbourne! Maybe I'll swing by to see you when I come to visit Teri.

Amanda said...

Always welcome J. We have a large house so can offer you a bed too!

Why are we here? said...

YEAH!! I"m here. Even made it to the beach - we were the only ones.