Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Move

I don't mention it here very often. It's still on and is imminently close. But I don't mention it here because I don't want it to permeate EVERY part of my life.

But it does. I can't fight it. It effects my choice of clothing for work (what do I have left in my closet), my grocery shopping trips (will we eat this all?) and my conversations. It is hard - it is exhausting and emotionally gruelling.

But that's ok. It is part of the deal and we knew that going in. I am trying to make it part of the experience - knowing that every experience has good parts, bad parts and unbelievable parts.

The best part of this past week was when four amazing girls - J., Andi, Cathy and Lauren - knit me a blanket to keep me warm on Austrlian winter nights. The blanket is gorgeous and knit with amazingly soft yarn, but the best part - it was made by them with love. So when I'm sitting in Perth trying not to get homesick, I can wrap this around me and think of them, and their laughter and how much they make me smile. And they will continue to do so. Computers will be warmed up and the net will be buzzing with us girls laughing online. It'll work, because we'll make it work.


J. said...

Amen, Sister.

And thanks for not crying when we gave it to you. And thanks for not making me cry. Yet.

Amanda said...

What a lovely comforting thing to do. And thank goodness we live in a marvelous electronic age so that its easy to keep in touch with the people you love.

Sarah said...

Awww that sounds like a great gift.

andi said...

What Jo said.

Crying moratorium! (And yes. I realize I've broken it, but I'm trying. I really am.)

Spinning Ninny said...

That does sound like a great gift! I hope the move goes smoothly for you. Living in Australia sounds like a great adventure.