Monday, October 26, 2009

And here it is...

The Beast.

(it really isn't that much of a beast - but it is large and cumbersome and a pain in the butt to pack around).

I am keeping it as written by Meg's pattern notes - with the original cables and all.

I am also reminding myself to keep Meg's advice close at hand - even if it looks like it's small, it will be fine.

The big question is will it be done for Christmas???


Luch said...

Looks great!

Amanda said...

Of course it will be. And its looking great.

J. said...

No problem. You may have some sleepless nights but that's the price you pay for your craft.

Just kidding. You haven't been working on it that long, so give yourself a break.

catty said...

I can finally comment again!I've missed you guys. T - the beast is awesome and you shall conquer it. J - I draw my strength from you

Love catty.