Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chin Up, Buttercup

It's been a rough week in my house.

P2 got the baby measles and then a cold. I promptly caught her cold and now the Dude and P1 are also succumbing to the plague. No one is sleeping much at night with runny noses, coughs and nagging worries.

I returned to work which means the girls are both going to a babysitters. There will be bumps with this as everyone gets used to the new schedule.

It's snowing and I have a few moments to myself. I'm going to go knit. I'm going to knit and not think about all the stresses in my life right now and remind myself that change is good.

I'm going to keep my chin up.


T. said...

I prescribe Hot Toddies for the adults along with snuggling on the couch, and lots of ibuprofen and Treehouse for the kiddies.

andi said...

That's the spirit! Funny T should mention hot toddies - I may have been craving that very thing this evening. Sadly, too lazy to go out and purchase the alcohol though.

Hope things look up soon, J. Hugs to you.

Amanda said...

Hang in there! All things pass.