Thursday, October 29, 2009

Public Service Announcement

We here at Baad Medicine advocate the H1N1 vaccine for everyone that has no major contraindications. (ie. an egg allergy, you are less than 20 weeks pregnant, you have a high fever, you have recently had Guillain Barre) I believe that shots are unpleasant but preferable to getting the actual illness. For most of us, the swine flu makes us feel kinda bad and you get over it in about 10 days. For those among us who are very young, very old, have other diseases such as heart or lung conditions, it can be very serious indeed. And I'll be honest, our readership is not so big that we can afford to lose any of you. And it would break my heart to hear about one of you becoming very ill because of this mostly preventable virus.

So take of yourselves and your loved ones. I got the shot yesterday. It was no fun and my arm hurt but I know that it will protect me and my family.

Thank you.

(P.S. I haven't been posting knitting content mostly because I am working on something that T does not know about. It is not for her or anyone in her family. It's just awfully fun keeping a secret from her sometimes. T. likes to be in the know. Right, Andi?)


T. said...

And we're pharmacists so we know what we're talking about.

And J. sucks.

J. said...

Shut up, T. You're ruining my street cred.

catty said...

The family and I are off for the H1N1 tomorrow. We got the seasonal early. I have a plan which includes snacks and a deck chair.

andi said...

Cathy - tell me your plan also includes alcohol in a to-go cup.

As discussed, we shall be getting the shot ASAP.

Is the big knitting secret what you showed me during sushi? Or something else? Good grief - did you tell me about it already and my early onset Alzheimer's made it disappear from my brain?

Anonymous said...

Not gonna lie, but I don't think I'm going to get either shot. I just have a feeling. Not sure what it is, but a feeling none the less.

(Unless you guys can give me some really good reasons otherwise)