Sunday, October 18, 2009

Knit the Season : A Book Review

Knitting has invaded my life. I knit in the evenings when my daughters have gone to bed. I knit in spare moments when I need to feel more like myself. I knit on lunch breaks. I knit with friends that I met through knitting. And when I'm not knitting, I read about knitting.

This holiday season, knitters are offered the next in the Friday Night Knitting Club series. Knit the Season follows the club through a hectic holiday season, beginning with Thanksgiving and carrying on until the New Year. I think that knitters have latched on to this series because the knitting club is made of knitters from every background in every stage of life. It reminds me of the ladies that are a part of my knitting circle; the new mothers, the working mothers, the knitter who knits socks on size 2 mm needles, the girl with the tattoos, the girl who knits lace but will never wear it.

Change is the only constant in life. The knitters of the Friday Night Knitting Club are all dealing with twists and turns in their lives. They must deal with changing responsibilities at work and at home. Misunderstandings drag families apart. Very familiar themes for the holiday season.

Holiday books are often nice little tales about Christmas starring characters that we know and hopefully love. This book moves our knitters through important turning points. Dakota must decide if the knitting shop is her future. Family obligations and her dreams of becoming a pastry chef are at odds with each other. Peri wants to pursue her handbag business but is now the time? Anita's adult son is standing in the way of her marriage. Catherine doesn't trust herself to love anyone.

This book is a lovely reminder that family and friends should be the focus of our holidays, whichever holiday you choose to celebrate. With shopping and baking and knitting, it is easy to miss the opportunity to spend time with and appreciate our loved ones this season. So maybe I'll knit a little less and talk to my loved ones a little more.

Thanks to Lydia at Penguin Group for giving me the chance to read this book that goes on sale November 3.


andi said...

Ooh, this sounds good. I'll have to check it out.

As for your last point, will talking to our loved ones WHILE knitting count? :)

Anonymous said...

Knitting is often the only thing that keeps me sane while talking to my loved ones. Just sayin'

~ the girl with the tattoos

T. said...

I have yet to read any of those books...

~the girl with no tattos