Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cuteness Galore

Any guesses on what cuteness is occurring at my house (and yes there will be the obligatory pics of my children because really, to me, they are the definition of cute)?

Even with their tough guy looks.

And I thought this kid could not get any cuter.

I may have been wrong.

And who doesn't love cute little hats for cute little babies (twins to be exact)....

Next time I do promise pictures of The Beast. Promise. Pinky-swear.


Amanda said...

You can't really distract us by showing us super cute photos!

J. said...

Very cute! It's nice to have all my girliness balanced by the boyhood at your house.

Who are the twins? Those hats are adorable!

T. said...

The hats are for twin boys of a colleague of Jeff's. His wife is a knitter so Jeff figured she would appreciate hand-knits.