Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Item #2

Again - I'll reiterate - I completed THREE things last week. Unheardof.

Item #2 - Socks with sparkles.

Knit with yarn from Andi and J. - they gave it to me when my oldest started kindergarten. It's from Zen Yarn Garden and it has silver in it (I of course can't find it on their website). They are perfectly plain socks - which I'm coming to realize, are truly my favorite kind of knit sock.

Next time - the Beast. Yes, you heard me. THE BEAST.


J. said...


Amanda said...

I like! And eagerly anticipate the Beast.

Sarah said...

Ahhhhh - the bliss of putting on a new pair of hand knit socks. My sock knitting is not going great guns at the moment, maybe some plain socks are what it needs.

Looking forward to seeing the Beast!