Monday, May 10, 2010

Yes it's true

I finished, not one, not two but THREE projects last week.

But I'm going to spread out the goodness in more than one post (because I have to get the most out of my fruitful week).

First up, my little spring vest.

It was the project for which I ran out of yarn. I miraculously found some lovely Cascade 220 to trim the neck and arm edges.

I love the softest of the unknown Fleece artist.

The twisted stocking stitch, althought painful to knit, really adds nice texture.

And the buttons, those are from Buttons by Robin.

All in all, a wearable, cute and spring-y vest. Next time - socks with bling.


Amanda said...

Super cute!

Sarah said...

Oh very nice indeed Mrs Super Productive - nice match with the Cascade 220 trim and that twisted stocking stitch is beautiful to look at

J. said...

Very cute. And it looks terrific on, too.