Sunday, May 2, 2010


I feel like my knitting is stalled these days. I've (finally) cut the beast, and am working on the button band - but am stalled because I can't find the right buttons (nice wooden ones are the request). I'm stalled on my little green spring vest because I ran out of yarn and have to find something I'm happy with in colour, texture and sheen (to at least somewhat match the main yarn).

I am also stalled in life. My life currently consists of lists and boxes and sticky notes denoting staying, selling, packing, exporting. Every cupboard I open, every closet I pass - I ask those questions. I feel like I'm stalled between living here and living there.

Stalled. But yet time seems to be passing too fast.


Amanda said...

I feel for you but can offer no advice other than to say that this too will pass. I'm sending you good yarney thoughts!

J. said...

Let's go out. Going out will inspire you to drink wine. Let the knitting worry about itself.

Anonymous said...
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Karen said...

I hate that feeling but do concur with both Amanda and J. For buttons, try M&J Trimmings website. I've gotten some really nice wooden buttons from them.