Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Before I had kids, I got excited when people I knew had babies. That meant I could knit adorable little hats and sweaters. I loved buying soft cotton yarns and sifting through pattern books. Everything was just so cute and small. No project took longer than a couple of weeks.

Then I had my own kids and my ideas changed.

I knit them little sweaters and hats and socks. Most of my work stayed hidden in drawers. They only fit my little one for a month at most and then were packed away.
Now I am expecting a little niece or nephew late this summer and I have picked up my needles. I am knitting something that will take me a long time to complete. It has colourwork and steeks. It has fancy edging. And I hope it is loved and cuddled and dragged through mud. I hope it dries tears and calms fears.

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T. said...

It's already GORGEOUS!!