Friday, June 15, 2007

In Unrelated News...

Ok, here's the thing. I'm trying to finish my Tuscany Shawl so I can wear it to my cousin's wedding tomorrow. I need all my energy and attention on my knitting, so I can't be pulled away to things like a really fabulous blog.

Here are two quick snaps of the shawl. I've done 8.5 pattern repeats of 11. At first, I thought my two balls of Seasilk were very different even though they are both the Paris colorway. In an act of desperation, I rerolled the second ball so that what was on the outside is now on the inside, if you catch me. Success! That's the thing with hand dyed yarn. Each skein is one of a knid and I thought I was done for, but my second ball was just a bit more blue and purple and a bit less brown and green on one end than the other. Now all I have to do is knit like the wind. I'm trying to channel Brenda Dayne. Think fast thoughts. Think Yarn Harlot fast. Think Divine Intervention.

So to distract you from my lack of knitting content, I present

Gestational Periods of Various Animals as Read to Me By My Dad from the Veterinary Merck Manual, 1967

Hamster 16.5 days

Shrew 20 days

Dog 58-63 days

Cat 63-65 days

Pig 112 days

Porcupine 112 days

Elk 255 days

Aberdeen Angus Cow 281 days

Short Horned Cow 282 days

Hereford Cow 285 days

Ass 365 days

Rhinoceros 530-550 days

Elephant 600-660 days

Tuscany Shawl ????


Sarah said...

Perhaps the Merck Manual 1967 edition was not ready for the Tuscan shawl. Check the 2007 edition. Should be in there, no??
If not, I'm sure you could write them and let them know once you've finished it :P

BTW I love the pictures you take of your yarn and projects in a "natural" setting. Cracks me up every time :)

T. said...

J. - you make me pee my pants (oops!).

andi said...

Ha ha. Those poor elephants...

Hope you were able to finish it in time.

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