Saturday, June 9, 2007

In Which Much is Revealed

Oh! So much to tell you! As T. mentioned, I bought some new yarn. A little Tofutsie in a fun summer colorway. Probably socks for me and my girl, but who knows?

A little Socks that Rock in some crazy colorway that is unlike the blues and greens I usually buy.
And finally a skein of Seasilk in Ivory. My little sis is getting married next summer and I told her that I'd knit her a shawl. She doesn't have her dress, yet but all the ones she liked were off white. I'm thinking Tuscany. (I'll tell ya why in a bit.) Even if she goes with white, I'll keep the Seasilk (hello? Who would get rid of Seasilk?) and make a scarf or something.

I finished one monkey and started the next. I'm really enjoying this pattern, especially after the issues I had with Pomatomus. Cookie, you have redeemed yourself.

I started a Tuscany shawl with my Paris Seasilk. Ah. Seasilk. This stuff is gorgeous. I LOVE it! I mean really. LOVE. It's so soft and the sheen is luxurious. Mmmmm. I'm working with some Addi Turbo Lace needles. Also fabulous. Nice and pointy. The yarn just slips along and the knitting is going swimmingly. (Get it? SEAsilk? Swimming?)

And I finished my scarf. Do you like it? I call it strawberry jam. Quite delighted, thank you very much. It's been a good week.


T. said...

Busy week J. Wow. Good work - I especially love Strawberry Jam - and the pic is good.

andi said...

Ooh, what a yummy looking scarf. Love it!

Amanda1 said...

Fantastic yarns! Your scarf is pretty... looks like a fun pattern, too.

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