Thursday, June 7, 2007

Yarn is My Kryptonite

It's been a great past couple of days, at least yarn-wise. It started my package arriving from Colorsong yarn. This is where J. and I ordered our reward yarn post-10K run. We both ordered 2 skeins of Seasilk.
My is the Sangria colorway,
J.'s is Paris...
We are both going to knit the Tuscany shawl out of it. It didn't take me long to get my new yarn on the swift.
In the mail that day I also got my first Knitpicks catalogue - which basically has the same things (obviously) as the website. However, I hadn't really ever paid attention to any of their accessories. The handle's they showed for the Doctor's bag from Knit2Together are great - makes me consider knitting it (J. already has, and we really shouldn't always knit the same things, but we just both have really good taste).

Then, we went to a yarn store in town that we do not usually frequent and were VERY excited about their sock yarn choices.
I purchased some Socks that Rock in Kryptonite
and Nova Socks (in an unknown colorway)
J. made away with some TOFUtsies, Socks that Rock and some more Seasilk. I will let her elaborate. It was my "happy back to work yarn pick me up". We actually went with the intention of buying a yarn dying kit and neither of us realized we didn't even look for them till we got back to our offices. Another trip is in the works already (even though we've both decided we need a yarn diet; at least a sock-yarn diet). The colorways they had were amazing and different yarn choices from our other usual haunts - a very nice surprise.
And these guys appeared to survive their first day of me going to work. Probably better than I did.


J. said...

Look at the shine on that Seasilk! It's fabulous!

J. said...

I just noticed your eldest has a snotty nose.

nickonchuks said...

I love the sock yarn at River City!
That Paris colourway is to die for. Must buy it for myself!

T. said...

J. - my eldest ALWAYS has a snotty nose.