Sunday, February 24, 2008


J. and I were just recently discussing the pitfalls of the "Cool Crowd" and it inspired me to think of all the reasons why I'm not cool (and ok with it).

So, in no particular order, reasons why T. is uncool:

1. I knit. That is inherently uncool. I know you'll all leave a comment (all 4 of you) saying "No way, knitting is cool and so are you". No, it's not cool. Not in cool circles with cool people.

2. I blog. Again, not a cool endeavour. It's much cooler to have 324 friends on Facebook than to have 324 people leave comments on your blog.

3. I had kids for the sake of having kids - not for having the right accessory. We all know people who had children because it was the fashion must have of the new millenium. Not me. I had them (we had them...) to actually try and learn a few things about this world. To try and teach ourselves about selflessness and humility (it's working by the way). This is uncool. The cool parents have children so they can show off their fancy SUV at the school pick up zone. Cool parents had children so they could dress them in Burberry and get a Bugaboo. Mine are dressed in the finest from Old Navy (or Old Lady as Punky calls it) and Joe Fresh and get pulled around in a wagon. Not cool.

4. I'd rather spend time with my husband than anyone else. In. The. World. Not cool. It's much more 'in' to have activities planned for every night of the week with various people who are unrelated to you. Not cool to want to stay home on the couch and put your toes under your honey's butt to help keep them warm. Cool to go out for breakfast every Saturday morning after your run with your peeps (sans kids and husband of course - that would cramp your style). Oh, I got me some peeps (yo! J.) but we've got similar feelings on this subject.

5. I don't like constantly reliving the past. I don't like to start all stories with "back in high school" or "remember in university when...". Don't get me wrong - I had some good times (well, at least in University I did), and have some memorable stories. But, I don't necessarily want to relive them all. I want to live in the here and now. Today. Enjoy what I have now, and not what I had. That's cool with me.

And you, any things that make you entirely uncool??? Pull up a chair and air out your un-cool laundry.


stitchin' girl said...

I am totally uncool for some of the very same reasons as you are. We had children because we love children and we love to be with them. My very best friend is my husband-he is truly my soul mate and the person I most enjoy spending time. Knitting (and beading) are my preferred pasttimes (when I am not doing laundry!!:o).

andi said...

I don't care what you say - this post is proof of your total awesomeness. Maybe I'm just saying that because I could have written each and every one of them (so maybe we're just kindred dorks?)

Proof of my uncoolness (or maybe the fact that I'm officially getting old) is that I'm really into folk music lately. Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine - can't get enough. And I really don't think folk music is all about the cool - but then, I've never really been all about it either, so I'm okay with that.

catknip said...

We listen to the 70s station on satelite radio and sing along to all the songs! OK, maybe the satelite radio is sorta cool but it's in our station wagon - and we have no kids!

J. said...

Here's to the anticool. We're taking over the world one blog at a time!

Amanda said...

I'd rather sit here in my bush and watch th leaves fall than go to the theater, movies or dress up (don't even own a dress!) and in my circles that's very uncool - not to mention my obsession with knitting.

Anonymous said...

It all comes right back to my theory of " F*** em all" if they can't take you for who you are. For what its worth, I think you're pretty cool!


Anonymous said...

Okay, the things that made me happy this week are - I cleaned out and painted my pantry a cheerful lemon yellow with white shelves and alphabetized my spices on a three tier shelf thingie. Now when I want a spice I know exactly where to look. The kids have been threatened with serious bodily injury if they dare to mess it up. I cleaned out my fridge and kitchen cupboards - completely. I now know exactly where everything is in my kitchen - the power! bwah-ha-ha!! And as the icing for my cupcake of happiness, Dom is done skating lessons tuesdays, we have nothing planned for wednesday for the first time in three weeks, Thursday the kids have no dancing lessons, and Friday, once again nothing! "Nothing planned" makes me very very happy! That must be uncool, but I'm cool with that, or as the kids would say, Sweet!