Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spring Fev-ah

I feel it. It's close.

Even though I look out the window and see the vast white of my backyard, I also see the patches of grass peaking out. It gives me hope that it isn't too far away. It's been cold. It's been snowy. It's been hard to get outside and entertain two monkeys. But the little bits of grass peaking out, the melting head of our snowman and the longer days are giving me, dare I say, hope.

With these thoughts of Spring being around the corner, it makes me want to knit something for spring. Something that isn't made of wool. Something made of a lightweight fabric (cotton, bamboo, linen....). Something that won't itch.

So, what are my possibilities?? I've been cruising the land of Ravelry and can't decide.

What about the new Aleita Shell from the Spring Interweave?

What about Eileen from No Sheep for You?

What's that? Is that my Cozy screaming at my? Or is it my newly cast-on Sunrise Circle Jacket?
Or these socks that I need to finish by next week?

What are they saying? I'm a two-timing ho??? Come on, that just isn't nice.

And quiet down already - I'm busy thinking....

(oh, I've figured out who it's just J. saying that my old habits are hard to break.)


Anonymous said...

In one of the Harlot's books she talks about Spring related Startitis. And y'know, there's really not much point in fighting it! Embrace the 'Itis. Start yourself something pretty in a nice bright colour. We've lived in Drab for too long!


J. said...

I want something non-wooly, too. That means a trip to the LYS. You in?

And I think I like the No Sheep Tank. Sassy.

T. said...

Well - to be honest - I have yarn for both....

Yep - LYS. When?

andi said...

I second the No Sheep Tank. And tell your nasty WIPs that if they can't say something nice, to keep their comments to themselves.