Thursday, February 14, 2008

In Other News...

I know that today is Valentine's Day and we should all be doing expensive and unreasonable things to prove to our spouses/significant other/acquiantance out undying love and/or respect. If you're looking for pink hearts and smooches, you're going to have to look somewhere else.

Today is my Sister in Law's birthday. As far as In-Laws goes, she's a peach. I met her just before I moved away to university which, as you can imagine, was a very formative time. She took me under her wing, showed me around campus, shopped with me, took my side against my brother, her boyfriend. Eventually my brother got his ducks in a row and married this great girl. She's like an older sister to me.

And get this.....She taught me how to knit! One year for Christmas, I received a ball of crafter's cotton, some 6mm aluminum needles and instructions. It took me all afternoon to figure out how to pull that little loop of yarn on the right needle through the one on the left. Magic! And so for all the things Tanya and I have done together and been through, I'll always be grateful for that one winter afternoon when I made the ugliest dishcloth ever. A knitter was born that day.

I'd like to dedicate today's post to our knitting mentors, those people who take the time to show us how knitting is the hardest simple thing you'll ever become obsessed with.

(She got the Queen of Cups socks. She's worth it.)


T. said...

Cheers to Tanya - she's one crafty lady.

And here's to my mentor J. Thanks to her, I spend all my spare time knitting.

catknip said...

Great socks! It's good to have family (sometimes)

Anonymous said...

You've gotta love the sweet in-laws - especially when they knit. I love the socks!


SIL said...

You're the sweetest - except maybe for Ava. To be honest, you are now a far better, more productive and more adventurous knitter than I ever was! A lot has happened here since I last checked out your site, I see I'll have to keep checking in!