Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ode to T.

Who could forget T.'s birthday tribute to me? It was truly.....interesting.

In a vain attempt to reciprocate, I give you the following....

Ode To T. - A Knitting Haiku in 5 Parts

I taught T. to knit
A few years ago and now
It's her obsession.

She knits in her home
And at work. She would gladly
Knit for a living.

T. likes to make green
Anything, and orange things, too.
See Ravelry queue.

T. is one of my
Best friends. I'm glad to have her
To knit and dye with.

And surprisingly,
Knitting isn't all we discuss.
Happy Birthday, T.


T. said...

Thanks J!! It was a little more thought out than mine.

I had a great day - and appreciate all the warm thoughts and wishes from everyone!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know it was you who taught her to knit. Cool.


Metta said...

Happy Birthday T. two days late. I´ll try to remember the day for next year.

I have finished another pair of socks. The offwhite socks are mine and they are called "Socks with False Cables" and are the February Socks in the Swedish Sock Club.

Baad Medicine said...

They're beautiful Metta! Your total is updated.