Sunday, March 16, 2008


I seem to be in between a lot of things at the moment.

I am in between my old pants and maternity pants. My regular ones are, shall we say, snug. The stretchy ones are comfy but have a tendency to fall off my butt.

I am still chipping away at the Cozy and am optimistic that it will be done by Easter. The teaset is also progressing but every thing is going slowly. I'd really love to cast on some new socks like these maybe using this yarn, but the Socks that Rock March Edition should be arriving soon and I know I'll want to start them as soon as possible.

I was really hoping that we were heading for a big thaw but we got a bunch of snow the other night. Everything is once again covered in a white blanket and I want to wear spring things.

Something needs to change.


Anonymous said...

My Cozy stretches from finger tip all the way across and past my other shoulder. My wrists hurt now.


T. said...

I hope you get the albatross off your back.

andi said...

And now it looks like spring may come after all. Hmm... Hope the limbo ends soon.