Sunday, March 30, 2008


The Dude is also a pharmacist. A very busy pharmacist who found himself lacking in the education credits needed to maintain a pharmacy license. Fortunately, there was a big conference being held this weekend in Banff and we decided to go. WITHOUT the kid.

Friday morning, after much packing and gnashing of teeth, we dropped the daughter off at the Dude's parent's house and hit the open road. Banff is about 4 hours away. That means 4 hours of uninterupted knitting time. Bliss.

Once we arrived and checked in, the Dude headed off to learn about such important topics as cardiovascular risk reduction and diarrhea. I headed off to the spa. A one hour massage in the hands of a very capable therapist followed by general pampering. Hot tubs, mineral baths with music piped under the water, snacks and drinks. I loved it.

Here was the view from our balconey. (There are mountains back there. Trust me.)

I spent the rest of the weekend taking things slow and enjoying my time alone. The 4 hour drive home dragged on as I looked forward to getting home to the piglet. Time away is great but I missed my big girl and I'm glad to be home.

I finished the first sock of the March STR package. I'll show you pictures in a few days when most of the packages have been received. I tried very hard to avoid all spoilers (I would just like to point out that the title of the pattern should be kept secret as well as the color of the yarn. You can learn a lot from a pattern title.) and I would hate to ruin the fun for anyone.

Only 2 weeks left til the big birthday. I have to get crackin' on some teacups.


Emily said...

How lovely! I am so glad you got to chill at the spa and spend time alone with the Dude, even if you did miss your girl :-)

Easter show spoils - none - no sheep, some alpacas, no yarn, I haven't messaged you yet - sorry! Will se what i can see around when opportunity arises!

T. said...

Nice. I'm glad you enjoyed your time away! You deserve it. We all need a little time away....

andi said...

That sounds amazing! So glad you got to have a relaxing trip. Hope you can squeeze in a few more before the new baby comes.

catknip said...

I'm jealous.

I can't talk to you right now.

Metta said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time at the spa with massage, hot tubs, snacks and drinks, some time alone and some time with the Dude. Still I can imagine you missed your little girl.

Finished my tenth pair of socks "Quill Lace" from Knitty.

J. said...

Metta, you are really something else. I'll up your numbers.