Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I decided to finally use my hand-dyed. J. and I had dyed some yarn a while ago and I was waiting for a lull in the knitting queue to use it. As I'm anxiously awaiting the 2nd STR shipment, I thought I'd do some quick socks for Punky. He saw the yarn and requested it. I wouldn't say that orange is his favorite color (it varies, somedays green and somedays blue. NEVER pink or purple though, those are, according to him "gurlz colorz"). But he saw this yarn and asked for some socks.

So I cast on some late last week and finished the first sock on Saturday.

Look at the stripe action I got going. The yarn is primarily neonic orange, with little runs of light brown and spots of white (basically to break up the neon and not give yourself a headache).

Here's a closer look at the leg. The tone is a little off in this picture, but you can actually see how nicely distributed the colors are, with the small runs of brown.
And finally the heel. Again, good color distribution to break up the orange.

Punky was so excited about the socks, he insisted on wearing the one finished sock to the birthday party he was going to. However, after taking a sharp corner at home whilst running on the laminate, he thought better of it. Good thing. His dad was having a heart attack about him going out into the world with different colored socks on. Seriously, if that's the worst thing he leaves the house in, I'm not too concerned.


J. said...

The socks look great! I like the stripyness. That's so cute the way you described the color distribution like we knew what we were doing.

catknip said...

That's some damn fine yarn my friend. Damn fine.

Anonymous said...

Its ok to wear non matching socks as long as they are both hand knit. It cancels out the non-matchy. They look really great.


andi said...

The socks turned out so well! And you know I laughed out loud that your hubs was concerned about the matchy-matchy - Jason would have been hyperventilating at the thought of it!